Friday, December 18, 2009

sending out the loveeee! ;) hehe
yes, the creativity in me came out to play!
hope ya like! if you wanna see more of my photog
click here >>

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

kicks may fade but nike love is 4eva baby

i should be studying for my final tomorrow but instead im doing this -___- haha! well enjoy! for more of my photography, just click on the picture!! ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

finals will def. be the death of me

a self-potrait i just took using self-timer :) minimal editing on ps. enjoy! good luck on finals!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

recent photography

hey guys! just wanted to post up some recent photos i've taken! :)
& guess what?! i finally got the d5000 i wanted! haha so happy!
stay tuned for more photos, now that i have a new toy to play with!

for more of my photography (with much better quality too)

hope you liked! toodles!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

EOTD -- Pink/Purple Look

hola! so i decided to post pictures of my EOTD
i used pink shadow on my lids & purple in the crease
& of course.. black liner! i winged it a little too! ;)
nothing too flashy.. but still playful., nah mean? lol

though these photos don't do any justice..


hope you like!! & thats it for today!
until then! toodles my loveliesss!

xoxo duyen

Thursday, October 1, 2009


hello hello!
i know i know, its been a longgg while!
ive been crazy slacking on posts..
so i decided to make a quick post tonight!

its a FOTD - pretty in green is what i call it ;)
equipped with false lashes & all! ohh yeahhh
because i adoreee green eyeshadow! hehe

taken with my nikon

& taken with my macbook photobooth

& thats all for the FOTD.. & now... dun dun dun
some photos from ever since i turned legal! hehe
which has been over a month! sorry for the lateness!

[finally] VEGAS for my 21st

stratosphere tower (1,149 feet) -- insanity thrill ride

view was awesome!

cheap nastiestttttt shot everrr!!!!!

suck&blow jello shots --
guess who sucked & who blew? lol

partayyy in the limo

club lavo

the kells in boston

fusion - worcester

sisters - do we look alike?

so remember khloe? my little puppy?
if you don't recall, scroll down! ;)
my baby khloe is 5 months now..
yes! krazy. time flies, i know!
anyways.. i just wanted to update
& post up some recent photos of her..

my other baby lexy showing khlo how its done
khloe had yet to master swimming!

& this is her with one of her bfs! lol
at least until she destroys it!

i saved the best photo for last.. hehe
so my parents just went to Vietnam
this summer for their 25 years anni
& decided to take new wedding photos
yep yep so cute of them! haha but yeah
here it is.. this one is my favorite:

crazy how young they still look! awesome
people even mistake my mom as my sister!!
i hope to take after them with those genes
& still look young in my 40s! *fingers crossed

thats it for now... not much has happened..
school started.. still hate it.. lol same ol' story
i should be designing a flyer on photoshop right now
but instead im blogging.. harhar
but yeah, sorry for so much pics! ;) enjoy!
& until another time! stay tuned!
i promise i will update more often!

xoxo duyen

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the BIG 21! Vegas! & UD 30% off

hey guys! im writing this blog officially as a 21 year old! hollla ;)
i turned 21 on the 4th & celebrated vegas style! ohh yeahh
went to vegas from the 7th - 10th with 20+ people! yes. believe it!
it was crazy and i didn't get to do most of the things i wanted to ..
but overall i had a good time hanging out with the good company!

& yeah, the only diff between being 20 & 21 is that i can actually
drink legally! haha yepp, doesn't feel much different! LOL.

and i will post up some photos later on! so tune in for that!

but yeah, i want to let everyone know that urban decay is
having a friends & family sale! 30% off! whooo hoo
sale starts aug 10th til the 20th! coupon cde: FNFF1
so make use of this awesome discount & shop away! ;D

Urban Decay Friends & Family Sale

xoxo, duyen michelle ngo

Saturday, July 11, 2009

EOTN -- Blue Smokey Look*

Hellooo fellow bloggers! ;)
this is going to be a short post of my EOTD!
i got bored at home.. so i decided to play with some MU!
i ended up with a smokey blue look.. which i love btw. haha
def. a going out look for sure! not sure what colors i used exactly!
sorryy :( but yeah, i blended a bunch of different shadows together..
i hope you guys like it! hehe let me know what you think! ;D

as you can see..i favor the color blue :)

until then beauties! xoxo
duyen michelle

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Love <3 Puppiesssss!

so recently my bf and i added another member to the fam!
her name is Khloe <3 shes the same breed as her new sis Lexy
Lex has been so used to being the only baby.. shes a tad jealous! lol
Khloe was born mid-April, cool thing is that Lex was also born in April!
We got her from my bf's buddy whose dog had a 2nd litter of pups!
of course, we had the first pick! hehe.. & lets say we fell for Khloe!

well, at first we were torn between 2, but leaned more towards Khloe
our second pick was also a cutie! i wish i could have had both :(
but yeah, when i left to OK she wasnt ready to leave her mama yet
but just last week, my bf brought her home!! sadly im not there.
im missing all her cuteness!! boo! miss my Lexy muchoo too!

anyway, ill be home soon anyways in about 1 1/2 weeks :)
so there were a total of 7 puppies! all of them sooo cutee!!
funny thing was that there was only 1 boy! & 6 girls! LOL
talk about being outnumbered! all he did was sleep anyway!
haha okay.. no moree babbling! i'll just post photos!!
hehe enjoy! & toodles until next time! ;)

xoxo, duyen michelle



introducing.. Khloe Ngo Huynh
she was very insecure & shy at first.. but
as she got to know her surroundins better..
man, she became mischevious!! very so cute!!

this was our 2nd pick! soo adorable
she was a wild thing! adventurous.

we called this one chunky monkey! lol
she was the chunkiest of the pups! love her

as you can tell.. this is the lone boy whose always sleeping!
haha! a true fattie no doubt.. he'll sleep thru anything!

this one is the pugg looking one! crazy wrinkles--
very curious little thing! tugging on shoelaces.

this is such a cute picture! glad i captured it! :)
the one on the left is the smallest of the bunch!
but shes the fiestiest one too! one mean grrrrl.

this one is the most timid! always in the corner..
haha she was a cute little thing sitting by herself

& here is a group photo of all 7! they were getting sleepy!
this is the best i could take of all of em; i trieddd.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

EOTD! Green Blue Eyes

hello lovelies! whats goody??
okay, this is just a quick post on my EOTD! ;)
my first but absolutely not my last!-- hehe
this is a green blue look*! hope you like!
i had lots of fun creating this look, so enjoy guys!
& stay tuned for more exciting posts later on! :)


--oh yeah, as you can see.. i cut my hair! trim is more like it.
some layers & also thought to try some front bangs but ehh
didnt come out as expected.. so just gotta wait til it grows out! :/
blahhhhhhhhh* whatevss

xoxo, duyen michelle

edit** i just figured out how to fix my comment thing!
yay! finally it works!! i was wondering why i get no comments?!
i had settled with.. im not very interesting! :( hahaha.
but maybe just maybe its cause the section was broken!?
kk well comment away fellow bloggers! ..if you decide ;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


hey guys! im still around! just haven't been blogging thats all =x
soo sorry! ive been visiting my fambam down in the OK state
for the past month & just came back from a one week vaca in FL
for the annual NGO family reunion! fun fun fun! last year was
a cruise to the bahamas but i didn't get to go :( ohh wells
of course it was more exciting than this year but its all goovy!

there will be much for me to post this week! & i promise i will! ;)
these upcoming posts will be picture heavy! just a little heads up--
maybe i'll start posting some later tonight.. hmmmmm

haha kk until later! so stay tuneddd!! toodles.

xoxo, duyen michelle

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mini VS & Dollar Store Haul

hola lovelies! its been a little while since my last post!
but no worries, im back! & this time with goodies! hehe
recently after i heard about the VS 75% off sale, it was a must!
i stopped by while exchanging some stuff, good thi
ng i did..
there wasn't much left.. but after rummaging through everything
i got my hands on some goods! but not
much.. here they are:

click to enlarge
[photos aren't edited cause im not using my laptop! so yeah, theyre huge!]

*edit* [also got a mini makeup bag! forgot to include it!]
mosaic e/s in crave; silky e/s in spin & taboo; extra volume
mascara in very black and perfect lipstick in sweet nothing.

and today after going out for some drinks & sushi with my boo
we decided to stop by the dollar store =] take a guess on what i got?! LOL duh. love it! dirt cheap! & not bad either--
but yeah, these are the items i snatched:

SH in rose to the occasion, la colors metallic e/s in darling and wine
& roses, 10 beauty basics eyeliners, la colors loose powder in lollipop
and la colors 12 color e/s in supernatural.

--kk thats it for this blog post now, ive been slacking on my packing!
im flying down to my fambam tomorrow & i haven't done shiiizz!
don't know how long i'll be there! but ill be sure to post up whats goody!
can't wait to see them its been sooo long!! the whole fam together <33>

xoxo duyen michelle