Thursday, December 15, 2011

Current Obsessions & WANTS

So I decided to do a post on my current obsessions & WANTS.
and since Christmas is coming up anyways, I thought why not?
So recently I found this site that had awesome stuff & for cheap too...
and I've been browsing through it and found a bunch of stuff that I LOVE
and absolutely WANT and would love to have! haha & these cheap prices
aren't helping either... I'm trying to xmas shop for others, and here I'm wanting
a bunch of stuff myself... bad. BAD.

Anyways, I thought I would share of some stuff that I fell across and am now 
in love with... let me know what you all think! yay? or nay?

So I have been having this obsession for Wedge Booties and well, actually just any Boots 
in general and this site Wholesale-Dress has sooo much selection! they sell women fashion clothing and accessories, such as bags, shoes, jewelry and even WEDDING apparel! and 
its actually quite nice too! so much cute clothes and shoes! I go crazy here... >__<
and the PRICES are sooo CHEAP!! I'm just amazed! woooo *happy dance*
okay, moving on... you guys should def. check this site out! you'll love it just like me!
okay, now onto pictures, beware I'm going to go picture crazy here!

Lace-up Design Hot Sale Boots Brown - $16.04

 Chic Style Rivets Decorated Lint Inside High Heel Black - $14.05
 wholesale Chic Style Rivets Decorated Lint Inside High Heel Black
so chic looking! would go great with tights.

Plus Size Hollow-out Frills Elastic Boots Black - $17.57
wholesale Plus Size Hollow-out Frills Elastic Boots Black
this is adorable! love knee high boots! the frills makes it girly, i like!

New Style Pure Color Height-increasing Inside Boots Red - $16.22
wholesale New Style Pure Color Height-increasing Inside Boots Red
wholesale New Style Pure Color Height-increasing Inside Boots Red  
this boot is totally AWESOME! you could style it so many ways!
& I absolutely love the RED! this is a must have!

OMG, there are so many pages! I think I'm gonna have to stop here
it's endless, theres 121 pages and I've only reached 22! and this is only BOOTS!
I can't imagine how many shoes there are... insane! I LOVE IT! haha
I guess I'll check out the other kinds of shoes later... now onto clothing & such.

Okay, so I don't want this to be a super super long post... 
just a super long one is fine. LOL. So, I'm just gonna post a bunch of random stuff
that I found on the site and want... so here goes, 

wholesale Fashion Small Waistcoat No Button Chiffon Blouse Leopardwholesale Stylish Leopard Splicing Bat-wing Sleeve Cotton Tee Greywholesale Plus Size Classical Leopard Loose Dress Black
Stylish Leopard Splicing Bat-wing Sleeve Cotton Tee Grey - $5.41
 Fashion Small Waistcoat No Button Chiffon Blouse Leopard - $5.41
Plus Size Classical Leopard Loose Dress Black - $16.54

 HOT HOT pumps!
 wholesale Fashion Simple Style High Heel Shoes Whitewholesale Elegant Style Pure Color Hight Heel Pump Yellow
Fashion Simple Style High Heel Shoes White - $12.97
Elegant Style Pure Color Hight Heel Pump Yellow - $13.51 

cute scarves, really needa get some
wholesale Comfortable All-match Pure Color Warm Scarf Redwholesale Lovely Style Multiple Use Ear Embellished Scarf Khaki
Comfortable All-match Pure Color Warm Scarf Red -$4.32
 Lovely Style Multiple Use Ear Embellished Scarf Khaki-$7.35

 soo cute! I want them both :)
 Lovely Bear Embellished Cell Phone Housing Yellow-$3.78
Beautiful Rabbit Printed Mobile Phone Housing Pink -$4.05

cheap purses! thats my kind of bags
New Arrival Stylish Rivets Embellished Check Bag Black - $13.78
Simple Design Multi Use Lady's PU Bag Light Khaki -$14.59

Can I just say OMG, I want them all!!! im in love! & super CHEAP. wow.
there are so much more things I love, and even more I haven't seen...
I think, once Christmas is over, its time to treat myself out to some
SHOPPING!!!! this site is awesome! :)

if you guys want to check out this site, heres the link:
 (& use this coupon code "h2k02ejuf5t" for a special discount!) 

I know you'll love this site as much as I do! hehe.

good night lovelies

Friday, December 9, 2011

My first L'oreal Infallible Lipstick buys

So I finally decided to pick up some L'oreal Infallible Lipsticks!
seeing all the hype about them and all... hehe
I only picked up two, the Tender Berry (519) and Perpetual Peach (423)
they're very pigmented and smooth, and they don't dry my lips out either.
I like Tender Berry better which is a mauve-y color
compared to the peachy nude Perpetual Peach...
I've been feeling mauve-y colors lately... probably since its autumn?
I dunno. haha- but I'll post photos and swatches below! :)


BTW, anyone have Instagram? im obsessed! lovee it. hehe
look me up! mtngo or Duyen Michelle Ngo


Thursday, September 8, 2011

One day left to enter in the Huge Back-To-School Giveaway!

hey all, hope everyone is well! ;)
wanted to let you lovelies know that
theres only one day left to enter the back-to-school giveaway!
a giveaway collab with my grl ThanieKB (be sure to check her out!)
hurry and enter! you have nothing to lose so why not? :)
watch the video for more info on the giveaway..
<3 xoxo enjoyyyy

Friday, August 19, 2011

Get Your FREAK On! 15 Weird Facts Tag

So I recently saw a tag video going around on YT..
and being someone who enjoys doing tag videos
I decided to do one myself, and it was so fun!
After filming this I finally can admit..
I am kind of WEIRD!! haha oh well...

Heres the link, check it out! and if you're down...
go ahead and do one yourself! it'll be fun! :)

and also, i wanted to share my newest video with you all!
i tried a different editing technique.. you like?
wanted to make it more fun and entertaining! :)

my OOTD (08/19) floral

and to end this post....

SUPER EXCITED! I've been waiting for this for so long!
YAY MEEE! hehe now to make a banner for myself ;)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Launch of my online shop! & GIVEAWAY :)

My 'Glamify Me ~ Beauty Shop' has LAUNCHED!

Hey guys! exciting news to share with you all!
My online shop is officially open for business! woooo
Ive been holding off on getting everything done for monthsss now..
and now finally got everything running smoothly! whoop whoop

My shop currently carries cosmetics (eyeshadow, blush and concealer palettes)
& cute jewelry (necklaces; bracelets & rings) at great affordable prices!
We are slowly in the process of adding more variety of beauty products~
so stay tuned for more sweet goodies! hehe

Please support and check out my site! much appreciated :)

& heres a little glimpse at some of our products:

xoxo duyen michelle

Friday, May 6, 2011

NYX Collective Haul

Hello my lovelies :)
I just loveee NYX cosmetics, don't you?
affordable yet high quality makeup right here for ya!
just wanted to share with you gals what i got~
enjoyyyyy ;)

(l-r milan; fig; tea rose)
really love love love fig! such a pretty pink~


(Cream blush; HD eye shadow base;
Super FAT eye marker)

cream blush- glow

very versatile liner, thin & thick lines if desired.
(super fat eye marker - carbon black)

hd eyeshadow base

(left - no base | right - with base)
i like this base, very long lasting just as it states!


hope you liked! if you have any questions at all..
either comment or email me - ill get back to you ASAP! :)
more hauls & swatches coming your way soon!

upcoming posts:
MAC Fashionflower haul
Sigma F80 Brush Giveaway

xoxo, duyennn michelle <3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Still looking for a gift for Mother's Day, gal friends graduation or for just any occasion?

Give these sites a look about!
For affordable, high quality makeup & jewelry!
below, i linked some promo offers and coupons!
great deals! don't miss out!

Jewelry & Accessories
5 Free Studio Eyes And/Or Lips


Save up to 60% off Makeup Sets

enjoy loves ;) i will update as i find other good deals!
so stay tuned :)
xoxo kisses*

Summary of my Korea Trip!

Hey bloggers! how is everyone doing?
its been awhileee since i've updated with a new post, i know!
so i thought i'd do a longer than usual blog post!
so, recently i had the chance to make a trip to Korea! (feb 27-apr 4)
since my oldest sister, Kimmy was teaching english over there,
it was my chance to visit! since i've always wanted to!
i am obsessssedd with all things korean! i swear.
from the food to the music to the dramas! haha yes! i admit it :P

Seoul, SKorea reminded me alot like the NYC, with the busy streets
filled with people walking everywhere! :) i miss that.
I had a very memorable time there for sure! we took the subway
everywhere! and i have never walked so much in my life! haha
the food was definitely awesome!!!!! thats the most missed thing
about Korea for me.. yes. the FOOD! haha im a fattie! ;)

so heres a recollection of my trip in pictures! enjoy beauties~
(in no specific order cause i suck with organizing)

hope you enjoyed! :) & if you want to know a little
bit more of my trip then watch my vlog! :)

xoxo, duyen michelle <3