Saturday, July 11, 2009

EOTN -- Blue Smokey Look*

Hellooo fellow bloggers! ;)
this is going to be a short post of my EOTD!
i got bored at home.. so i decided to play with some MU!
i ended up with a smokey blue look.. which i love btw. haha
def. a going out look for sure! not sure what colors i used exactly!
sorryy :( but yeah, i blended a bunch of different shadows together..
i hope you guys like it! hehe let me know what you think! ;D

as you can see..i favor the color blue :)

until then beauties! xoxo
duyen michelle

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Love <3 Puppiesssss!

so recently my bf and i added another member to the fam!
her name is Khloe <3 shes the same breed as her new sis Lexy
Lex has been so used to being the only baby.. shes a tad jealous! lol
Khloe was born mid-April, cool thing is that Lex was also born in April!
We got her from my bf's buddy whose dog had a 2nd litter of pups!
of course, we had the first pick! hehe.. & lets say we fell for Khloe!

well, at first we were torn between 2, but leaned more towards Khloe
our second pick was also a cutie! i wish i could have had both :(
but yeah, when i left to OK she wasnt ready to leave her mama yet
but just last week, my bf brought her home!! sadly im not there.
im missing all her cuteness!! boo! miss my Lexy muchoo too!

anyway, ill be home soon anyways in about 1 1/2 weeks :)
so there were a total of 7 puppies! all of them sooo cutee!!
funny thing was that there was only 1 boy! & 6 girls! LOL
talk about being outnumbered! all he did was sleep anyway!
haha okay.. no moree babbling! i'll just post photos!!
hehe enjoy! & toodles until next time! ;)

xoxo, duyen michelle



introducing.. Khloe Ngo Huynh
she was very insecure & shy at first.. but
as she got to know her surroundins better..
man, she became mischevious!! very so cute!!

this was our 2nd pick! soo adorable
she was a wild thing! adventurous.

we called this one chunky monkey! lol
she was the chunkiest of the pups! love her

as you can tell.. this is the lone boy whose always sleeping!
haha! a true fattie no doubt.. he'll sleep thru anything!

this one is the pugg looking one! crazy wrinkles--
very curious little thing! tugging on shoelaces.

this is such a cute picture! glad i captured it! :)
the one on the left is the smallest of the bunch!
but shes the fiestiest one too! one mean grrrrl.

this one is the most timid! always in the corner..
haha she was a cute little thing sitting by herself

& here is a group photo of all 7! they were getting sleepy!
this is the best i could take of all of em; i trieddd.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

EOTD! Green Blue Eyes

hello lovelies! whats goody??
okay, this is just a quick post on my EOTD! ;)
my first but absolutely not my last!-- hehe
this is a green blue look*! hope you like!
i had lots of fun creating this look, so enjoy guys!
& stay tuned for more exciting posts later on! :)


--oh yeah, as you can see.. i cut my hair! trim is more like it.
some layers & also thought to try some front bangs but ehh
didnt come out as expected.. so just gotta wait til it grows out! :/
blahhhhhhhhh* whatevss

xoxo, duyen michelle

edit** i just figured out how to fix my comment thing!
yay! finally it works!! i was wondering why i get no comments?!
i had settled with.. im not very interesting! :( hahaha.
but maybe just maybe its cause the section was broken!?
kk well comment away fellow bloggers! ..if you decide ;)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


hey guys! im still around! just haven't been blogging thats all =x
soo sorry! ive been visiting my fambam down in the OK state
for the past month & just came back from a one week vaca in FL
for the annual NGO family reunion! fun fun fun! last year was
a cruise to the bahamas but i didn't get to go :( ohh wells
of course it was more exciting than this year but its all goovy!

there will be much for me to post this week! & i promise i will! ;)
these upcoming posts will be picture heavy! just a little heads up--
maybe i'll start posting some later tonight.. hmmmmm

haha kk until later! so stay tuneddd!! toodles.

xoxo, duyen michelle