Sunday, July 5, 2009

EOTD! Green Blue Eyes

hello lovelies! whats goody??
okay, this is just a quick post on my EOTD! ;)
my first but absolutely not my last!-- hehe
this is a green blue look*! hope you like!
i had lots of fun creating this look, so enjoy guys!
& stay tuned for more exciting posts later on! :)


--oh yeah, as you can see.. i cut my hair! trim is more like it.
some layers & also thought to try some front bangs but ehh
didnt come out as expected.. so just gotta wait til it grows out! :/
blahhhhhhhhh* whatevss

xoxo, duyen michelle

edit** i just figured out how to fix my comment thing!
yay! finally it works!! i was wondering why i get no comments?!
i had settled with.. im not very interesting! :( hahaha.
but maybe just maybe its cause the section was broken!?
kk well comment away fellow bloggers! ..if you decide ;)


Anonymous said...

awesome! love it.

Rosamond said...

Your hair is so cute! I love the color. Reminds me of cherries.Wild look for a wild night out! Luv it.

-Yu- said...

Love the EOTD! The colours really pops out! Love your new hair too! I know what you mean bangs not coming out as expected. [runs into countless bang butchering -_-'']

DENiSE said...

i love your eotd! i like the colors that you used!i look forward to seeing more of your eotd :D

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