Monday, April 27, 2009


so i heard from a fellow YTer about Sears having this
sale on makeup products-- super super cheap makeup, that is!
--big thanks to lopezpisces25 for the tip on such great deals!!--

& of course, grl like me who always loves a good bargain,
i decided to stop by the mall to stag a few goodies here & there..
when i got there, i was lost at first.. thought they didnt have it =[

but then after walking around for a bit-- i found it! =] yayy!!
in a little section with the perfumes & other beauty products
i found the makeup train case box that i originally came to get
but, after looking at it myself, i chose not to get it.. for many reasons
even though it was only 10$!! yes, only a measly 10$ --

instead i got 2 other makeup kits! which i thought was better! hehe
& the total cost for both came up to be less than 20 friggen $!! wicked.
super goood ass bargain for sooo much makeup! loveee it!
though i haven't swatched any of it yet.. haven't even opened them yet!
but i have heard good reviews about the brand: colorworks
i will try to post swatches later this week! =]

kk so here are photos of the 2 kits i bought:
i really like the round makeup case.. so cute!!

i got this for only 7.99$!!! crazyyy
incldes eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, lipsticks, lipgloss,
nail polish, eye pencils, brushes etc.

i love the case!! got this for only 10.99$!!
incldes brushes, eye & lip pencils, lipsticks,
lipglosses, eyeshadow, blush, bronze etc.

love em' all! so if you love makeup & bargains like me..
i strongly suggest you stop by your local Sears & get some!
i believe theyre trying to sell it all.. so theyll have it til its sold out?
like a first come first serve basis?.. but don't take my word on it!

kk enough with the makeup stuff.. well maybe not just yet--
here is a recent photo of me with a japanese kawaii inspired look:
hope you guys like it! let me know what you think! =]

-- now, to end this post on another note..
im going to post a photo of my babygrls sleeping lol
they are so cute! i love them so much! =D
my bf is so gonna kill me for this.. but i cant help it

hehe.. yep thats my 2 babys-- the bf, vu & the doggy, lexy
aka i like to call them my babygrlsss

so thats all folks! for now.. lol. & until then, toodless!


so i decided to post a few of my photography work,
after coming to the conclusion that my blog is such a huge boreee

i'll give a fair warning now; I AM NOT A PRO!
photography is just one of my many many hobbies--

there was a time where i was totally obsessed with
taking photos everyday, mainly trying find people who
would model for me, though with a low rate of success.
depressing, i unashamedly admit.

but lately, i haven't given much thought about
my camera, let alone photography & photoshop..
[photoshop being my whole world only a fe
w months ago]
what my mind was on & still currently on: MAKEUP & YOUTUBE

but recently.. i'd say hmm this week recent? lol,

i have had more interest in taking photos because of
the friggen awesome weather lately.. 75+!! SUPER AWESOME.
it just makes me want to go outside & snap*snap away! LOL ;]

BUT lets not stray from the original subject too much here,
i'll go more into photog later on but now- I need to post some photos!
yes sirrrrrr! ENJOY lovelies! & until then! adieu'

click to enlarge

thats it for now. =]


Friday, April 24, 2009

My First Blog Entry!


This will be where I blog & post pictures about my life, my everything--
addictions, obsessions, likes/dislikes, family and friends,
vacations, school, beauty related, my photography, etc.
This is madd exciting! Its like my own personal journal! awesome x2.