Thursday, May 21, 2009


Finally, IM FREEEEE! no more school!!!! yayy ;D
well.. at least until september! but its all good--
but yeah, i have a new want! one of those 'gotta have its!'
time to trade in my D50 which ive had for a couple of years for this
baby right here-- the Nikon DSLR D5000!!!!!!! OMGGGG <333

the newer version DSLRs now record hd videos!! omgx2
madd friggen awesome!!! that was the con about getting the d50
but now, they have the video feature!! so its all good!-- im in loveeee!!
ohh man, time to load up my wallet cause this baby is kinda pricey!
850+ big buck$$! im putting this down as my #1 bday wish list! =]

--- anyways wishful thinking aside and all.. hehe
this week i've capture some awesome photos of my baby Lexy
they look sooo good! she looks maddd cuteee! love her mucho.
but here they are! [ & yes, im one of those pet lovers!! ] =)

awww my baby, i just love it when she has her tongue sticking out!
esp. when its on the side!! soooo cute!! shes so photogenic! <3

and heres me & babes best attempt at a couple photo! lol
its a little blurry, sucks but i've fixed it the best i could!

110505! & still going strong babyyyy <3

& since i was on a roll with taking pictures i decided
to be a camera hooch & took a picture of myself! LOL. yep.

kk thats it for photos! but of course therell be more soon!
since summers here.. ill be playing with my d50 frequently!
so stay tuned for some more of my photography!! =D

ps. i'm def. planning on doing some celebrity inspired looks
very very soon-- so look forward for that too! fun fun fun!! haha

until then! toodles my deariessss!

xoxo, duyen michelle

Sunday, May 17, 2009


hello to you fellow bloggers from this busy stressful world of mine!
its been very hectic lately.. with exams, housing issues, and finals!!
i have 3 more finals left to go.. 1 on monday & 2 on tuesday..
& then im finally DONE! well, at least til sept lol. but whatev--

on top of stressing over finals [esp. the math final.. cause i suck]
i have to stress over housing! due to personal issues my roomie & i
are out of housing! & weve been tryna get this OC apt. place
but friggen papers & app. process is making it hard for us!

& with me being a bum-- i gotta pull 900$ out from thin air
to pay for this shizzle! er its a definite cash loan right there.. gay.

anyways lets talk about the good stuff thats been happening haha
last wkend we went to formals with our guyfriends as dates
it was a banquet event for their frat.. meaning we had to dress up
it was fun cause its been awhile since we had any reason to be glamd
i did our MU, though i didn't have much exp. doing MU for others
jst on myself mostly- i did a good job i think.. here are some pics:

click to enlarge

if you didn't notice already but yes, i went darker!!
but its actually been fading already.. booo*

my date jon and i =]

all the Bs except LB2 ;]

afterparty-- the guys getting rowdy.. loll

us with our dates having funnn =D hehe

okay its getting late so ima stop here & continue tomorrow.. =]
until then bidddies!! enjoyy & toodlees for now.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Hello there! its been about a week, so i thought i'd post
a little something something! nothing special though..
i'm just gon post a few photos of myself from the past week,
just for fffun! because i don't want my blog to be a bore -___-
so yeah, anyways here a photo of my attempt at a mirror shot!

not bad after 10+ trys! haha =x

& heres a shot of me tryna be a wannabe import model
so not my idea! my bf made meeee!!! haha not bad though--
ill give him some props for being a good photographer..

haha i tried! i know i can't work it like em sexy grls do!
but whatever, nothing serious.. just for shiiiz & giggles..

overall.. id say this past week was good cause of the weather!
love it! can't wait for more hot weather =D sadly, its gonna be
raining most of this week.. blah!! can't wait for beach weather!
i realllly neeed a tan!! im just so white! even my bf complains! err

kk thats its for now- i'll post something better later [like the swatches]
but enjoy this post & photos for now!! tooodles lovers! =)

ps. i reallllly want the twilight series!! soooo bad!! grrrr
but im sooo poor that i can't even afford it! =*(
sucks bigg time! guess ill jst have to suffer & wait.

*michelle duyen