Monday, May 4, 2009


Hello there! its been about a week, so i thought i'd post
a little something something! nothing special though..
i'm just gon post a few photos of myself from the past week,
just for fffun! because i don't want my blog to be a bore -___-
so yeah, anyways here a photo of my attempt at a mirror shot!

not bad after 10+ trys! haha =x

& heres a shot of me tryna be a wannabe import model
so not my idea! my bf made meeee!!! haha not bad though--
ill give him some props for being a good photographer..

haha i tried! i know i can't work it like em sexy grls do!
but whatever, nothing serious.. just for shiiiz & giggles..

overall.. id say this past week was good cause of the weather!
love it! can't wait for more hot weather =D sadly, its gonna be
raining most of this week.. blah!! can't wait for beach weather!
i realllly neeed a tan!! im just so white! even my bf complains! err

kk thats its for now- i'll post something better later [like the swatches]
but enjoy this post & photos for now!! tooodles lovers! =)

ps. i reallllly want the twilight series!! soooo bad!! grrrr
but im sooo poor that i can't even afford it! =*(
sucks bigg time! guess ill jst have to suffer & wait.

*michelle duyen


AbcGrrrL said...

I'm so jealous of your hair. It's nice long and STRAIGHT !! :( Cute import model pix :)

Hope you get the twilight series soon, it's well worth it :)

Chrissy said...

I agree I love your hair. :)

mzkrystall said...

twilight! u should get it, well worth the mulahh haha! and btw, cute pics, love the hair, and love the camera too! i got one too, and i love my nikonnn! haha

Jasmin said...

love the pics ! ahhhh ! twilight.. hahha.. I want the collection too ! I've read them all, but just borrowed them from someone or purchased it on e-book. HAHAHAH !

iambeautiful20 said...

you shouldve posed sexy or something ;P You look very pretty. I see another Twilight fan. I refused to see the movie or even read the back coz im afraid i might fall into the trend lol.

iambeautiful20 said...

wait i meant, i refused to read the book lol..