Sunday, May 17, 2009


hello to you fellow bloggers from this busy stressful world of mine!
its been very hectic lately.. with exams, housing issues, and finals!!
i have 3 more finals left to go.. 1 on monday & 2 on tuesday..
& then im finally DONE! well, at least til sept lol. but whatev--

on top of stressing over finals [esp. the math final.. cause i suck]
i have to stress over housing! due to personal issues my roomie & i
are out of housing! & weve been tryna get this OC apt. place
but friggen papers & app. process is making it hard for us!

& with me being a bum-- i gotta pull 900$ out from thin air
to pay for this shizzle! er its a definite cash loan right there.. gay.

anyways lets talk about the good stuff thats been happening haha
last wkend we went to formals with our guyfriends as dates
it was a banquet event for their frat.. meaning we had to dress up
it was fun cause its been awhile since we had any reason to be glamd
i did our MU, though i didn't have much exp. doing MU for others
jst on myself mostly- i did a good job i think.. here are some pics:

click to enlarge

if you didn't notice already but yes, i went darker!!
but its actually been fading already.. booo*

my date jon and i =]

all the Bs except LB2 ;]

afterparty-- the guys getting rowdy.. loll

us with our dates having funnn =D hehe

okay its getting late so ima stop here & continue tomorrow.. =]
until then bidddies!! enjoyy & toodlees for now.

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Rosamond said...

Cute pics of your puppy!! Love her. I just wanted to drop by and say thanx chica for joining my blog. ^_~ I hope you get that D5000! I know how you feel about the DSLRs...~sigh~ I have my eyes set on the Canon XSI kit with 55-250mm IS lense...

Take care,