Monday, April 27, 2009


so i decided to post a few of my photography work,
after coming to the conclusion that my blog is such a huge boreee

i'll give a fair warning now; I AM NOT A PRO!
photography is just one of my many many hobbies--

there was a time where i was totally obsessed with
taking photos everyday, mainly trying find people who
would model for me, though with a low rate of success.
depressing, i unashamedly admit.

but lately, i haven't given much thought about
my camera, let alone photography & photoshop..
[photoshop being my whole world only a fe
w months ago]
what my mind was on & still currently on: MAKEUP & YOUTUBE

but recently.. i'd say hmm this week recent? lol,

i have had more interest in taking photos because of
the friggen awesome weather lately.. 75+!! SUPER AWESOME.
it just makes me want to go outside & snap*snap away! LOL ;]

BUT lets not stray from the original subject too much here,
i'll go more into photog later on but now- I need to post some photos!
yes sirrrrrr! ENJOY lovelies! & until then! adieu'

click to enlarge

thats it for now. =]



Anastacia said...

Great pix!

mzkrystall said...

lovely photos! and ur camera has really great quality, i love photography too, just recently got me a nikon d60, and i love itt. <3

Jasmin said...

love the photos ! I love photography as well. I even took a black & white photo class a while back.

JGrL8184 said...

I loveee the pictures!! What kind of camera do you use!? Awesome pics sweetie!! tk. Post more!! cant wait to see. -Judy

Ally said...

Your pictures are so pretty!
What camera do you use?^^

Anonymous said...

the pictures are great! keep posting! =]

Chrissy said...

Great pictures! I have photography as a hobby too. Can't wait to see more from you. :)

Jaimie said...

I love your photography, its gorgeous!