Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summary of my Korea Trip!

Hey bloggers! how is everyone doing?
its been awhileee since i've updated with a new post, i know!
so i thought i'd do a longer than usual blog post!
so, recently i had the chance to make a trip to Korea! (feb 27-apr 4)
since my oldest sister, Kimmy was teaching english over there,
it was my chance to visit! since i've always wanted to!
i am obsessssedd with all things korean! i swear.
from the food to the music to the dramas! haha yes! i admit it :P

Seoul, SKorea reminded me alot like the NYC, with the busy streets
filled with people walking everywhere! :) i miss that.
I had a very memorable time there for sure! we took the subway
everywhere! and i have never walked so much in my life! haha
the food was definitely awesome!!!!! thats the most missed thing
about Korea for me.. yes. the FOOD! haha im a fattie! ;)

so heres a recollection of my trip in pictures! enjoy beauties~
(in no specific order cause i suck with organizing)

hope you enjoyed! :) & if you want to know a little
bit more of my trip then watch my vlog! :)

xoxo, duyen michelle <3


mimi said...

OMG!! The food looks sooo GOOD!!~ >< I'm hungry now! hehe & the Hello Kitty coffee is so cute~ I wanna go to Korea one day~ >< The only time I went was to switch flights at Seoul...):

Sandy ♥ said...

:O look at he HUGE hello kitty building o.o i would LOVE to go in there q__q youre so luckyy ! ~
the food looks sooo yummmyy ! *nomnomnnom* looks like you had a FUN trip ^__^