Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mini VS & Dollar Store Haul

hola lovelies! its been a little while since my last post!
but no worries, im back! & this time with goodies! hehe
recently after i heard about the VS 75% off sale, it was a must!
i stopped by while exchanging some stuff, good thi
ng i did..
there wasn't much left.. but after rummaging through everything
i got my hands on some goods! but not
much.. here they are:

click to enlarge
[photos aren't edited cause im not using my laptop! so yeah, theyre huge!]

*edit* [also got a mini makeup bag! forgot to include it!]
mosaic e/s in crave; silky e/s in spin & taboo; extra volume
mascara in very black and perfect lipstick in sweet nothing.

and today after going out for some drinks & sushi with my boo
we decided to stop by the dollar store =] take a guess on what i got?! LOL duh. love it! dirt cheap! & not bad either--
but yeah, these are the items i snatched:

SH in rose to the occasion, la colors metallic e/s in darling and wine
& roses, 10 beauty basics eyeliners, la colors loose powder in lollipop
and la colors 12 color e/s in supernatural.

--kk thats it for this blog post now, ive been slacking on my packing!
im flying down to my fambam tomorrow & i haven't done shiiizz!
don't know how long i'll be there! but ill be sure to post up whats goody!
can't wait to see them its been sooo long!! the whole fam together <33>

xoxo duyen michelle

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