Thursday, October 1, 2009


hello hello!
i know i know, its been a longgg while!
ive been crazy slacking on posts..
so i decided to make a quick post tonight!

its a FOTD - pretty in green is what i call it ;)
equipped with false lashes & all! ohh yeahhh
because i adoreee green eyeshadow! hehe

taken with my nikon

& taken with my macbook photobooth

& thats all for the FOTD.. & now... dun dun dun
some photos from ever since i turned legal! hehe
which has been over a month! sorry for the lateness!

[finally] VEGAS for my 21st

stratosphere tower (1,149 feet) -- insanity thrill ride

view was awesome!

cheap nastiestttttt shot everrr!!!!!

suck&blow jello shots --
guess who sucked & who blew? lol

partayyy in the limo

club lavo

the kells in boston

fusion - worcester

sisters - do we look alike?

so remember khloe? my little puppy?
if you don't recall, scroll down! ;)
my baby khloe is 5 months now..
yes! krazy. time flies, i know!
anyways.. i just wanted to update
& post up some recent photos of her..

my other baby lexy showing khlo how its done
khloe had yet to master swimming!

& this is her with one of her bfs! lol
at least until she destroys it!

i saved the best photo for last.. hehe
so my parents just went to Vietnam
this summer for their 25 years anni
& decided to take new wedding photos
yep yep so cute of them! haha but yeah
here it is.. this one is my favorite:

crazy how young they still look! awesome
people even mistake my mom as my sister!!
i hope to take after them with those genes
& still look young in my 40s! *fingers crossed

thats it for now... not much has happened..
school started.. still hate it.. lol same ol' story
i should be designing a flyer on photoshop right now
but instead im blogging.. harhar
but yeah, sorry for so much pics! ;) enjoy!
& until another time! stay tuned!
i promise i will update more often!

xoxo duyen


Finny said...

daaamn what an awesome eye make up!!!!!

Jasmin said...

Awesome pics! Awww!! Cute! Your parents look so happy :-)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

awww. your parents look so happy =] and happy b-late! lol.

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

the photos are awesome. I love the look you did and man, celebrating your 21st in Vegas is awesome.

Your parents are very good looking couple.