Friday, February 12, 2010

ps. i love you

this photo is decicated to my loving bf.

words one can never get sick of saying or hearing..

so, as i was feeding my khloe her doggie pebbles,
& i noticed some were in the shape of a heart! :)
something i failed to see before! hah what a re-re i am..
so i decided it would be cute if i used it for a photo..
& this is what i came up with ;) hehe
i enjoy being creative.., but im still working on it!
anyways, hopee ya likee! lemme know what you think!

& dont forget! to just SMILE :)
love my fisheye lens.


Klaudea said...

so cutie! LOL I am so amused when my food looks like something :)

StuddedLilly said...

cute blog you got here, and that yellow shadows fierce!!


Anonymous said...

nice blog! :D I LIKE IT

Follow my blog and I follow your blog:

i`m happy if you follow me toooo with bloglovin ;)

nice weekend & kisssssss from germany ;*)

Marie said...

that's pretty nice for 2 random doggie pebbles. ;D

just came across your blog tonight, will now follow. follow me too? ;D
...and everything under the sun!

mikelle said...

Hello friend, have a nice day :)

emmakarolina said...

The picture of the heart is so cute. I would've never guessed they were doggie pebbles :-)

I'll definitely be following your blog. I fyou get a chance, check mine out :-)

DiWiMakeup said...

Cool, I'm thinking about getting the fisheye lens too! ~Diana